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Sometimes there are two parts of a submissive’s brain. The first is wild and says, “Go for it!” The second hesitates and finds all of the reasons why you should not do a thing. Brian/Brianna had this problem. Brianna wants to be a cock slut and get together with some men in person. She wants to spread her man-pussy and mouth to a room full of guys who will take full advantage of this sissy. Brian, on the other hand, is sensible and knows that he is getting in over his head if I order such an event. He knows that I will always order him to suck one more cock than he can realistically handle. He knows that his face will hurt, and while excited, will feel some shame over what a nasty slut he can be when he turns into Brianna.

Brian knows he will suck huge cocks all night, but Brianna revels in the thought. Fortunately, Brian was easy to train. All I have to do is have him spray one spritz of a certain perfume on him. I have conditioned that scent to be “Brianna’s scent”. Once Brian smells the perfume, he quickly becomes Brianna. The more I have him spray on himself, the more of a sissy he becomes. The more slutty he acts. The more hungry to be a slut he becomes. It’s like a werewolf under a full moon. Brian’s voice gets higher, he starts walking with more of a swish, and he quickly begs to send me a tribute or gift so that I will allow him to use the biggest one on himself.

He loves that I allow him to be a faggot slut who gets to live his forced-bi fantasy. So far he has sucked 7 dicks in one day. His new quota is 10.